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Enabling Fill and Drag in MS Excel 2007+

MS Excel has feature where one can drag a cell and fill the series/formula to other cell. The feature I found to be quite useful. For example you can put a date 01/01/2013 in a cell and drag it to … Continue reading

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How to change Cache location for Java on windows 7

One would like to change the cache location of Java, which has a default size limit of 1000MB, to save space on system drive.  By default the setting is per user, so it can take quite a lot of space … Continue reading

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Auto-login in SSH and SCP

SSH is secured alternative to telnet. Unlike telnet, ssh packets are transmitted encrypted.  On the same line SCP, copies files from one destination to another, securely. Source(Destination) can be over network also. Auto-login for the telnet can be done using … Continue reading

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